Holiday Time


So I have not posted a photo on my blog for a little while now due to the fact that I was on holiday. I jetted off to Tasmania with my camera bag full of lenses and far too many memory cards and now have a massive task ahead of me sorting through them all.

I am also going to change the way that I post photos on my blog. I am not going to post a photo everyday anymore, but I am going to post series of photos when I feel that I have a great collection to share. Rather then show a single snap shot the series of photos will help really paint the picture. At times one photo might be all that is needed to paint the picture. To keep informed when I post a new series, please sign up to the right to have new updates emailed directly to you.

Here is a photo of where I have been on holiday. This is Wineglass Bay and it is often rated in the top ten beaches in the world. Quite amazing when you only have to share it with 8 other people and a few yachts. Very much worth the trek.

Click on image to enlarge.

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