Accommodation Options in Bondi Beach


I know from my travels that there is nothing better than locals giving you recommendations. I know Bondi Beach like the back of my hand and these are a few accommodation options and suggestions. These should cover everyone from the backpacker to couples looking for some luxuries.

 Sunrise at Bondi Beach

I have split my suggestions into various levels of accommodations that should suit all styles of travellers.

Hotels & Apartments
There are a number of hotels and apartments in Bondi and these are a selection of the ones that I recommend. If you are looking for some luxury than look no further than the QT Hotel on Beach Road. Each room and suite is filled with bespoke designer furnishings and the perfect beach side retreat.
QT Gould Suite 
QT Hotel Suite (Photo from QT Website)
A couple of mid priced hotel and apartment suggestions are Adina Apartments and Ravesis Hotel. Ravesis is not only a bar that locals want to be seen with their friends and a great place for a drink it is also a boutique hotel with designer rooms. The other option is the Adina Apartments which will give you the option to cook meals with a grocery store below the apartments. That might be had to do with all of the restaurants within a 1 minute walk.

The other option in this style is the Ultimate Apartments which are located a bit further away from the beach but still walking distance. These are a more affordable option with basic facilities.

There are so many airbnb options in Bondi. Here is a cool sun filled studio penthouse that is right in the heart of Bondi close to restaurants of Hall St and a short walk to the beach. You will be able to find something on airbnb for your budget and accommodation needs.
Bondi Beach Studio Penthouse available on airbnb (image from airbnb)
There are a number of hostels in Bondi and they are all walking distance to the beach. There is the YHA which is in a good location between Bondi and Bronte, then you could try Noah's which is probably the biggest and most well know hostel due to its location. Then the one that I think is in the best location is Surfside on Hall St. All of the hostels cost around the same amount and there is plenty of fun to be had at all of them but expect basic facilities.
Noahs Backpackers (image from Noahs Website)

There are always other options that are in the city or Bondi Junction but there is nothing like being in Bondi and being able to get up early and enjoy the morning with the locals and is only a short commute to the city to experience everything that Sydney has to offer.

Surfers at sunrise at Bondi

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