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This morning it was cold, cloudy and the swell was pretty much all over the place. I was about to just turn around and go home when the sun started to peak through the clouds and a surfer ran past me and paddled out. I decided to stick around and see if the lone surfer could paddle into some of the good size waves that would pop up in random places all over the beach. Good luck mate. He did manage to get one wave early and I thought here we go. Then he just paddled around trying to get into position for the next hour. He had another guy join him who spent 15 minutes trying to paddle out going almost no where even in the rip then catch some white water in and run all the way down the beach to the north end. Not much happening up there either. I was kept entertained by a Cockatoo for most of the morning who was playing up for the camera.

Wave of the Morning
Big Tanker. Tiny Surfer
Peeping Sun
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