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On all of the trains in Kyoto they have these advertisements that say 'Do You Kyoto?' The answer for me is yes, I do Kyoto and I am loving being here in Kyoto. There are so many temples and so little time that it is important to pick a few and not overload yourself. I have been to Kyoto before and visited many temples the first time around, but you can come back here many times and visit different temples. In one day I went to two, the Daigoji Temple which is world heritage listed and the Fushimi Irari-taisha.

Bentendo Hall
Bentendo Hall Bridge
The Daigoji was so amazing and peaceful and relaxing. There is a garden where they do not allow you to take photos, but it is the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. I just had to sit and take it all in and take a photo with my mind. There really were not very many tourists visiting this temple as there are so many on the list, but I highly recommend a visit here.  I caught the express direct bus from Kyoto Station (Hachijoguchi) outside the Keihan Hotel at bus stand number 8. It takes about 30 minutes and cost 300YEN
Goju-no-to is the five story pagoda constructed in 936
A monk takes some time to enjoy the surroundings
The grounds are beautiful and I can see why the Buddhist monks selected this spot
The Fushimi Irari-taisha was the next destination. From Daigoji Temple we walked to the Diago subway station which took about 15 minutes. From Diago subway station we went to Rokujizo where we changed to a JR Nara line train towards Kyoto to Inari Station. I use my JR Rain Pass, but it wouldn't be more than 300YEN. Once you arrive at Inari station it is very obvious where you need to go. Just head through the first torii of many for the day.
It is had to get a photo with no one in it at Fushimi Inari as it is very popular
Each torii at the Fushimi Irari is donated by a Japanese business and spans up the mountain over a distance of around 4km. You will need at least 2 hours here and longer if you want to wait and try and take photos without any people.
There is lots of interesting things to shoot
Fushimi Inari is more than just a Shinto Shrine

I also found Omotesando Koffee in Kyoto. We found these guys in Tokyo and it was great to find them in Kyoto. The do great iced latte as well as a great macchiato. They are located in the United Arrows store on Shijo Dori. Well worth a side trip to get your caffeine fix. 

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