streets of japan - part III


This is part III of random photos of the streets of Japan. 

When you spend most of the day walking around Japan there is just so many things for you to see. These are some of the things that draw me to Japan. The people. They are always so busy and on the go. Sometimes it fels like the only time the have to sleep is on public transport. How do they always just wake up when it is their station to get off. It is like some special power. If I fell asleep on the train I would likely be woken up by the station attendant at the final stop.

The temples of Kyoto are what you go there for, well those and the food. There are so many temples and shrines that you need to pick wisely and plan which ones you are going to visit as they are spread out all over the city.

Fushimi Inari Taisha - more than just a Shinto Shrine with hundreds of torii gates
Keep your vases dry
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is well worth a visit to get away from the madness
Riding bikes in Tokyo
Crossing madness but somehow everyone avoids running into each other
Nishiki Markets in Kyoto are worth a wander
Many women in Kyoto wear traditional clothing

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