the town of ito on the izu peninsula of japan


In the town of Ito, I stayed at K's House which is a traditional wooden Ryokan which is over 100 years old. They have dorm rooms, but this isn't your traditional hostel. I stayed in a private room with a bathroom that had a balcony over looking the river that runs along the back of the accommodation. This was one of my best experiences to feel for how traditionally the Japanese live with tatami mats and sleeping on the floor. The bedding was very comfortable, which I was super surprised about. It is well worth experiencing staying at a Ryokan with any trip to Japan.
Ito Harbour
This is a private room at K's House - Ryokan Accommodation
This is K's House accommodation and the other traditional Ryokan that is worth a visit in Ito

You can get to Ito by train from Tokyo or Kyoto through Atami. I caught the train from further south on the Izu Peninsula from the town of Shimoda. If you stay at K's House Ryokan is is either a short 10 minute walk from the station or a 800YEN taxi if you have luggage. 
More of Ito's harbour
If you are lucky enough to be there on a weekend that the drag net fishing display happens it is worth getting up early. 
There is free miso soup afterwards!

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