Sirui Professional Landscape Filter Kit Review


I was selected by the photography brand Sirui to test and review their Professional Landscape Filter Kit. Probably 90% of my shoots are long exposure seascapes where I am using a filter kit, so I was excited to test out another brand.

Bronte Beach Ocean Pool
Canon 24-70mm, 36 Seconds, f11, ISO 200, Sirui SoftGND16 & ND1000

So for the month that I have had the filter kit to test there has probably been more rain in this month than the whole year. Not ideal conditions for testing as i would have liked some amazing sunrises or sunsets but cloud cover can create some dramatic photos.  

South Coast NSW
Canon 24-70mm, 46 Seconds, f11, ISO 100, Sirui SoftGND16 & ND1000
Whats in the Kit: 
    * 1x Sirui Filter Holder – 100mm
    * 1x Sirui Soft GND16 (1.2) Filter – 100x150mm
    * 1x Sirui ND1000 Filter – 100x100mm
    * 1x CPL Filter
    * Adapter Ring 67-82mm
    * Adapter Ring 72-82mm
    * Adapter Ring 77-82mm
    * Padded Carry Bag
    * Allen Key
    * 4x Short Allen Screw
Sirui Professional Landscape Filter Kit

I really love that this kit gives you everything a landscape photographer needs in a filter kit straight out of the box. The filter holder, circular polariser and soft graduated ND filter and a ten stop filter to really allow you to slow down the shutter speed is the perfect landscape photographers kit. You can add aditional filters as your skills and requirements develop. The protective pouches are great to safely transporting the kit to a location and the variety of adaptor rings are a thoughtful inclusion.  

The other brand of filter kit that i use doesn't offer the circular polariser or the adaptor rings in their kit . Having these included and not an additional purchase is another fantastic offering.

Bronte Beach Ocean Pool
Canon 24-70mm, 10 Seconds, f9, ISO 200, Sirui SoftGND16 & ND1000

Well packaged with lots of padding as it arrived from Sirui in a big box. Very fast delivery directly from Sirui. Filter holder and Circular polariser are in protective pouch. The circular polariser is protected in a hard case that fits inside the pouch with the filter holder. The ND soft grad filter and ND1000 each come in their own padded pouch with soft interior to protect the glass

Build quality: 
The build quality of the filter holder is excellent. It is well constructed out of strong metal which lots of other brands filter holders are made of plastic. The Circular Polariser (CPL) is easy to install and the filter has well designed wheels that give the functionality that is required. It is so easy to use in the field and the CPL is well made and cuts the glare from water and highlights the sky. They have also designed it so that you can easliy remove the CPL and shoot without it.

Colour cast:
During my testing the filters have not shown any colour casting that you can get with other filters. The images are producing true colour so post processing is simpler 

The kit is really easy to use and highly recommended to not only those that are looking to get their first landscape filter kit, but to those that have other brands that are looking for an improved quality kit. This kit is definitely going to be staying in my bag and getting plenty of use

Thanks to Sirui for sending me the Filter Kit to test and review

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